Gas pump skimmers found at two Temple gas stations

The gas card skimmers were found at stations on South 31st St. and South General Bruce Dr. in Temple.

Temple Police issued an alert Thursday that they had found gas pump skimmers at two different convenience stores.

The stores are the Valero Service Station at 1706 South 31st St. and the Shell Service Station at 4005 South General Bruce Dr.

Police advised anyone who may have pumped gas at those locations to contact them and check with their banks for any suspicious activity.

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There are several different things consumers can do to keep this from happening.

Pay attention to pump stickers

Most gas stations put security stickers on pumps. These stickers cover the edge of the compartment the card reader is placed in. If those stickers are missing or look different than the stickers on the other pumps, don't use that pump. Stickers that have been lifted will normally display the word "void", indicating the compartment was tampered with.

Pay attention to the card reader

If the card reader looks different than the reader on other pumps in any way, or is loose, it could be compromised. Some crooks even put an attachment on the end of the reader.

Don't use debit cards that are connected to a bank account

The Killeen Police Department told Channel 6 thieves can use small hidden cameras to capture customers entering their pin numbers. Those cameras can be hard to spot, so the best thing to do is not use the debit card in the first place.

Use pumps close to the gas station building

KPD suggests customers use the pumps closest to the gas station building. Those are a less attractive target for crooks because the clerk could see them or cameras could catch them in the act.