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Temple Animal Shelter needs your help to 'clear the shelter'

The event hopes to encourage more residents to come out and help the shelter which is currently at 100 percent capacity.

TEMPLE, Texas — The Temple Animal Shelter will be hosting a "Clear the Shelter" event Aug. 27th from Noon to 4 p.m., according to Temple Animal Services. 

The event hopes to encourage more residents to come out and help the shelter which is currently at 100 percent capacity. 

Animal Shelter Officer Richard Morales says the shelter is surely excited about the event. "Currently we are very much at max capacity. Every day we get about four or five maybe six kittens, couple dogs. But all the dogs and cats that come in are the same amount that goes out," Morales said. 

Morales also says that if you have animals at home, don't be afraid to bring them with you to the shelter to make sure that they get along with your new fur friend. 

“What we recommend is if you do have multiple animals go ahead and bring them into the shelter. Whether it be a dog or cat see how well they work together. Keep a good eye out. Cause you can come in for a dog and end up leaving with a cat that tugs at your heartstrings," he said. 

A cat definitely pulled the heartstrings of one Temple resident in particular. 

Kylie Brown stopped by the Temple Animal Shelter Friday and left with a new friend. 

"Her name is Midnight," she continued. "I just was looking for another companion for my other cat. And I love kitties they are so cute. Everyone should come adopt them."

In order for Midnight to go home with Kylie, she had to make sure that she had her ID with her. 

A form of Identification will also be required for Saturday's event. “For anything requiring for adopting an animal. Whether it be a cat or dog, all we require is a driver’s license and that’s it. It could be anywhere from the state of Texas or even outside the state of Texas. Come in and take a look at the dogs and cats," Morales advised.

If your address on the ID is not up to date, please bring a utility bill with the correct address in addition to your ID.

For more information on the animals available for adoption at Saturday's event, visit here

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