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Waco mom makes snowy Valentine's Day fun for her son

The creative director of a new business, Waco Luxury Picnic Co, made sure her son enjoyed a snowy and safe activity this Valentine's Day

WACO, Texas — The snow ruined just about everyone's Valentine's Day plans, pretty cold if you ask me. 

But Nelissa Davalos wasn't going to let that be the case for her son. She decided to throw him a picnic inside for the day of love. She's pretty good at picnic-making, considering that's her business. She's the creative director of Waco Luxury Picnic Co.

“Some of my greatest most happiest moments were having picnics very similar to this with my family," she said.

The first day of operation was actually intended to be this weekend, but that wasn't going to happen with the cold temps and dangerous weather conditions. Davalos says she will be postponing some of her scheduled shoots and will be offering indoor picnics when the roads clear, but for now, doing it yourself is easy too. 

Credit: Nelissa Davalos

“We set up a picnic in our office and I put on a lot of his favorite things," she said. "So today what we are planning to do is make yogurt cups and I also printed out some of his favorite coloring sheets. We’re just going to do things he likes and spend some time together. Especially because we have to be in our house and stay safe.”

Many local and government officials are urging residents to stay off the roads as conditions worsen as Central Texas does not have the resources to keep roads clear and safe. That means school closures will be coming in the next few days, keeping kids at home and with time to spare. 

If you'd like your own picnic tips, you can check out Waco Luxury Picnic Co's Instagram, here