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Country singer Eric Paslay credits Temple community for his success

Eric Paslay will perform at the first ever Temple Breakfast Lion's Club Music Festival to help raise money for the Temple Lion's Camp.

TEMPLE, Texas — When Eric Paslay found out he had type one diabetes at 10 years old, he never thought it'd change his life for the better, but it did.

At first, this Temple native felt like he was on the outside looking in, but Baylor Scott & White's Dr. Stephen Ponder changed everything.

Dr. Ponder suggested to the young Paslay that he join the Texas Lions Camp, so he did and from there he found his community and the people that would make his diagnosis something he could live a healthy life with.

Dr. Ponder states, "You can feel really alone when you have type one diabetes."

"When you go to camp and everyone else is doing it, you feel more normal," Dr. Ponder added. 

Everyone else is testing their blood, taking medication and as Paslay puts it, keeping a juice box on hand most of the time.

The camp surrounded Paslay with children just like him, showing the positive life he could follow forever.

Paslay was so inspired by the camp that he considered following a career in the medical field.

He looked up to Doctor Ponder, who has type one diabetes himself.

"I have no higher respect for anyone than I can for Eric and what he's done," Dr. Ponder said.

Paslay's passion for music is what made him choose the path of being an artist.

"But in a way, I'm giving back to people in both professions," Paslay said.

Paslay is always giving back, but it's on April 1 that he'll give back the most.

He will perform at the MLK Festival Grounds in Downtown Temple to raise money for the Texas Lions Club.

This is the first ever Temple Breakfast Lion's Club Music Festival and Paslay looks forward to more in the future.

Paslay will be joined by other artists, along with season 4 contestant of The Voice on NBC, Holly Tucker.

Pasley said this is the best opportunity for him to give back to the organization and the community that gave him so much.

"I don't believe I'd be a professional musician had it not been for the encouragement of the Texas Lions camp," Paslay added.

Find tickets to the event here.

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