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Keep Central Texas Working: T3 The Gym

Before the pandemic began, Isaac Shaw started on a big renovation. Now T3 is at 45,000 square feet offering 90 classes for those seeking a good work out.

TEMPLE, Texas — Isaac Shaw, also known as Ike, opened Titan Total Training T3 in Temple because he wanted to create a fitness community where people can build relationships and a family while also working on their health and fitness.

"It's everything you can ask for in a facility and honesty, I'm just blessed and honored to even be that person that god chose to be able to do that," Shaw said. 

He started with personal training, then got his first gym in 2011, which was about 5,000 square feet. Before the pandemic began, he started on a big renovation, which he said was rough but they got through it. Now T3 is at 45,000 square feet.

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"There were times when I was upset, but I had more days that I felt appreciative of what I got to experience," Shaw said. 

Each week, about 90 classes are offered including Boot Camp, which Shaw said is one of the most popular and how he got started.

"This community is everything to me. When everything was closed, I remember members messaging me and calling me, telling me to keeping taking their payments like don't stop," Shaw said.  

What keeps him going is his support system, like his fiancé, his daughter, and his members who he said care enough to see him succeed. 

"There's a lot of sad things with COVID but if it's one thing I have seen in Cell County, Texas is this gym just enlightens people, it brightens people's day, it's their joy," Shaw said. 

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