Kindess can spread like wildfire. That's the incredible thing that happened when 35 year-old Mandi Holden shared her simple message of "Be Kind" in a video on Facebook. Her video has gone viral with over 275K views and over 3,500 comments, all in support of her positivity.

Holden is a manager at Anytime Fitness in Reno, NV and shared her story with Daily Blast Live. She said she had spoken with a group of people about joining the gym, and when she met them, one of the men in the group made a comment saying, "it doesn't look like she works out very much." Holden, who has lost over 120 pounds, said the interaction hurt her, especially since she was trying to be welcoming to potential new members who don't know her side of the story.

Holden decided to make the video after the encounter and it was posted to the company’s Facebook page. Members shared her video and she even received a call from the company’s CEO thanking her for her efforts. “I wanted to use the opportunity for my members to know my story and know that this is a safe place,” she said. Holden says she hopes to change the culture of gyms for people who are afraid or embarrassed to join them. "If the video does anything....If it inspires other people to not make fun of people, then that’s really cool.”