it is officially wedding season and happy couples all across America will be draining their wallets to pay for their special day. But just how much are people shelling out these days on weddings? According to WeddingWire, on average, couples budget nearly $16K for their wedding ceremony/reception but spend closer to $27K once they find out just how expensive it all is (and that's not including the honeymoon). In some places, like St. Louis, Houston or Atlanta, that equates to about 18 months of rent for their apartment/home. In larger cities like San Diego, Denver or L.A, couples are spending a year's worth of rent on their wedding.

However, millennials aren't taking the bill alone, WeddingWire also found that family members cover about 60 percent of wedding costs. The majority (56%) of parents pull money out of their savings account and nearly 1 in 10 dip into their retirement! The breakdown for wedding costs can also be found regionally - if you're in the northeast, expect to pay more. States like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut have yearly been ranked as the most expensive places to have weddings, with costs ranging up to $58,000 (or $350 a head!) So where does all the money get sucked up? Venues and food.

Venues have become more and more non-traditional since the mid-2000's. Outdoor ceremonies increased from 39% in 2009 to 52% in 2017, religious venues are down to just 22%, and only 16% of weddings are now black-tie affairs. On the rise are non-traditional venues like wineries, breweries, rooftops and museums. The average guest list runs about 127 people, with 9 members of a bridal/groom party. Food and catering is also the second largest expense. Couples opting for open bars (68%) and exotic food choices (54%) to cater to a wide range of dietary restrictions. How much did you spend on your wedding day? Do you think weddings are too expensive? Share with us your #DBLTake!