So you didn't get invited to the Royal Wedding, but you watched it along with almost 30 million other people (us too), so now what? Well, you can relive the whole day and bid on a pair of official "Windsor Castle Royal Wedding Day" gift bags on Ebay!

Yes, these two bags are chock full of the goodies that all 600 guests received and as the advertisement says, "you can own a piece of history." The pair of bags, identical in nature, are stuffed with, "commemorative chocolate coins unopened and sealed in original condition, spring water bottles, the fridge magnets that say 'EXCLUSIVE MEMENTO', castle spectator badges, two tubs of 'handbag shortbread' labeled 'Specially made for the Wedding Day'. Two of the Marriage order of service booklets, two 20% off vouchers for the middle ward shop in Windsor Castle...a map, as well as a the original letter with the last minute information about attending the event."

Cuddihy, Madeline

The full post contains an array of picture so you can see the fabulous items and the prices for many of the bags are ranging from $800 USD to $4,000 USD. No word on how "legit" these bags are, but they look pretty official to us! Happy bidding!