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CASA Cares: The importance of being a foster parent

Fiona Williams and her husband took on the task of being foster parents almost ten years ago after trying to conceive for years.

BELL COUNTY, Texas — It's not everyday a family is blessed with not one but fourteen children.

That's the case for the Williams family, who after almost a decade, have fostered more than a dozen children, each with CASA by their side.

Fiona Williams' journey began when she and her husband were trying to conceive, but after six years they found out they couldn't. So they started fostering. As soon as they did, Fiona found out she was pregnant.

"I was excited to find out I was pregnant," Williams said.

With their two biological children, Williams and her husband would take on the journey of being foster parents, hoping to adopt.

As years went on, children would come and go.

"You love them regardless of how long they're with you," she said. "You fall in love with them and get close with them."

Williams has not adopted yet. She added that the right circumstance hasn't come their way.

In the beginning, their goal was to adopt, but through this experience Williams has seen and felt growth.

Through loving every child, she's realized she and her family are giving them stability, kindness and something they wouldn't otherwise have if it weren't for them.

"I want to care and love for these kids that don't have anyone there for when they need it," she added.

Through everything and every child, Williams has had CASA.

They've been a constant, an advocate for the children that enter Williams' home.

Without them, Williams said their experience with fostering would not have been the same.

"They've always been a really great part of our lives and the foster child's life," she added.

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