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Texans share their experiences with mental health during the pandemic

Hear from families, families of long-term care facility residents, health care workers, people experiencing homelessness and more about their mental health.

Molly Oak

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If you break a bone, you go to a doctor. It’s not something to be ashamed about. It’s something that needs help to heal. 

So, why is there so much silence around anxiety, depression and other mental health struggles? Isn’t mental health just as important as physical health? 

We want to remove the stigma surrounding mental health by talking about it.

The pandemic has impacted each of us in some way. COVID-19 has taken a toll physically, mentally and emotionally. Throughout the next few chapters, we’ll be talking about mental health and how the pandemic has impacted the way we feel and think. We'll also be taking a look at data and medical studies to demonstrate that no one is alone in dealing with mental health.

Every day this week, a new chapter will be added to this story. The chapters will focus on kids and families, families of residents in long-term care facilities, health care workers, people experiencing homelessness and young adults.

The effects of the enduring pandemic are weighing on all of us. Let's talk about it.