What happens in a warehouse along an east Texas road is somewhat a mystery.

"We don't welcome just drive-by traffic. We want it that way," said Gary Lynch of Rising S Company.

It's not because they have anything to hide, but because they are genuinely private. If you ask Lynch the warehouse in Murchison is a "metal fabrication facility."

"We fabricate out of metal and that is the truth," he said.

But it is much more; this is a warehouse of underground bunkers. Those bunkers are meant to protect people from storms, nuclear fallout, civil unrest, and even a bomb. Lynch tells WFAA that in the last month business has been booming. He showed us his phone with multiple missed calls from prospective clients.

Rising S Company is currently constructing 40 underground bunkers. And he says there are 80 more jobs being processed. He says with the recent demand it would take between four to five months to get a project complete depending on the scale.

"Ninety-nine percent are calling and they are worried about North Korea," he said. Lynch is referring to on-going feud and threat of action between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump.

It's no surprise the company is very protective of its work: their clients don't want people knowing they have bunkers. Not to mention, they're also strict non-disclosures established into the contracts.

Lynch took WFAA on a tour of the warehouse. Nearly all of the bunkers are shells waiting to be completed on the inside. Lynch showed us a 5,580 square foot bunker complete with bunk beds, a kitchen, a family room, etc..

"As long as you've got food and you've got water and you don't need medical attention, you have no reason to leave it," he said.

Prices can vary from $45,000 and up. Lynch has been asked to put in everything imaginable in a bunker from swimming pools, gun ranges, to even a horse stable.