“I hate doing this... I'm in a lot of trouble. Due to various reasons … my restaurant is in a downward spiral.”

That’s the beginning of a Facebook post by Craig Boncler. But it’s the middle of the story that really matters.

Boncler owns Sicily Pizza and Pasta off 290 in northwest Harris County. Business has been slow lately, thanks in part to the economy and the never-ending construction on 290.

<p>Craig Boncler with his sons: Michael, Timothy and Christopher </p>

“We are smack right in the middle of the 290 construction,” Boncler said.

He said he’s watched one business after another go under in the surrounding strip center and he doesn’t want to be next.

Boncler has managed to keep paying employees, but hasn’t been able to cash his own paycheck for more than two months. He’s behind on his mortgage and car loan and could lose his house soon.

But the single dad is even more worried about his three sons’ health.

“My youngest son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes two weeks ago. All three of my boys are now dealing with this currently incurable disease,” Boncler wrote.

Michael, 16, Christopher, 12, and 10-year-old Timothy all need insulin daily but Boncler is about to run out. That’s what prompted him to swallow his pride and ask for help on Facebook.

Copays for the insulin alone cost over $200 a month. That’s a lot of money when there’s no cash coming in.

Boncler said Christopher also has pituitary dwarfism. Artificial growth hormones were helping him grow but Boncler can no longer afford them.

Boncler isn’t asking for handouts. He’s just asking people to support his business so that he can pay his bills.

“If you live anywhere within driving distance, please consider having a meal at my restaurant. And tell your friends. Tell everybody. Have more than one meal,” his Facebook post read. “We have a huge menu to choose from, and it's all good food, at a reasonable price.”

The post had more than 300 shares by Wednesday afternoon and Boncler hopes it will help drum up some business.

If you’d like to check it out, Sicily Pizza and Pasta is located at 13147 Northwest Freeway.

UPDATE: Because of the overwhelming response, a friend has set up a Youcaring.com page for Boncler and his boys.

There's also a gofundme.com page but they take nearly 8% of the donations.