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Wake-up Wellness: Trampoline fitness in Harker Heights will "Elevate" your physical and mental health

Elevate Fitness in Harker Heights offers trampoline fitness classes. This low impact workout creates the perfect environment for fitness improvement.

HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas — Elevate Fitness in Harker Heights has a trampoline fitness class that transforms the mind, body and soul.

The low impact workout is meant for people of any age, no matter where they are in their fitness journey. 

Liza Bobe, the owner of Elevate Fitness, said her studio takes pride in that they've created a culture where everything is upbeat and their trampoline fitness class is a prime example of that.

"We focus on the beautiful, amazing bodies we have rather than working out and we like to encourage working out because we love our bodies," Bobe added.

Multiple options for trampoline classes are offered in both the morning and the afternoon. Click here to find one that's right for you.

Bobe said this class has proven to work for so many of her attendees. One woman even got off of her medication after she started the program.

"This class helps build bone density, it's great for lymphatic detox," she added.

According to Bobe, 30 minutes of jogging is equivalent to 10 minutes on the trampoline. In some studies, she said people have called the program the "fountain of youth."

The proof is in the program. So many people walk away from her high energy, 45-minute class feeling fulfilled and re-energized.

"You just don't find that with a normal workout," she added.

Bobe said she hoped more people will join her class to experience the joy that comes with celebrating fitness.

There are other unique class options at Elevate Fitness, like bungee fitness, that you can find by clicking here.

Who knows, if you join a class, maybe one day you'll even run into Texas Today Anchor, Jasmine Caldwell, who is a passionate instructor at the studio.

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