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Internet Reacts | Will Trump be reinstated to Twitter? Elon Musk gives the will to the people

As Elon Musk reinstates Kathy Griffin and Jordan Peterson he has left the decision to the people to reinstate Trump.

TEXAS, USA — Twitter has had its recent fair share of unexpected occurrences as it is adjusting to a new era under Elon Musk's rule.

Recently Musk took to Twitter to announce the reinstatement of celebrity accounts Comedian Kathy Griffin and Political Commentator Jordan Peterson on Twitter. 

The big one however that everyone is waiting for is the return of former President Donald Trump. 

Trump was originally taken off the platform back in 2021 for his claims about winning the presidency which caused him to start his own social media platform, called TRUTH social.

While others were quickly reinstated, Musk says that he wants it to be up to the people to choose whether the former president's account is reinstated. 

"Vox Populi, Vox Dei"  a Latin phrase meaning "the voice of the people is the voice of God"  fit the purpose of Elon's quest for the Twitterverse. As he gave Twitter users the option to vote on a poll for the former president's return.

Musk's poll has been up since yesterday with over 208.5K Retweets, 67.5K Quote Tweets and 573.6K Likes. As of now, there is only an hour left before polls close with the results leaning for the return of Trump 51.8% (14,667,242 votes in total).  

This is also very significant as it shows that Musk is working to see what works with the platform that he has deemed a free speech democracy. One user commented on the significance of over 116.6 million followers interacting with the poll. 

Credit: Twitter
Elon Musk polls are the future

However even with the significance of the interaction of the poll, it is still important to remember that Trump's TRUTH social is the only platform where Trump followers have been able to interact with the former president.

It will be interesting to see if he makes the decision to jump back on the birdy platform. 

Do you think Trump will return to Twitter?

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