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Local pastor thanks the community for helping keep a Waco grocery store afloat

A Waco pastor encouraged 100 middle-class people to shop at the Jubilee Food market once a month.

WACO, Texas — Jubilee Food Market opened three years ago to provide people living on fixed incomes with fresh, low-cost, and healthy food that was inaccessible in the area.

Dorrell said August gross sales at Jubilee Food Market were $6,000 higher than Aug. 2018. He said it was the highest month since the opening of the store.

“We were just overwhelmed with new customers who came over.” Dorrell said, “I spent Saturday morning shaking hands and thanking people for being here. They loved the store and loved the products and it was the same cost as other stores. We had a great day and we met our goals because of that.

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$900,000 was raised to build Jubilee Food Market. The store will break-even by the end of the year, Dorrell said. 

“Our goal as a nonprofit grocery store is to be sustainable for the years to come. And so we thank the community for their help and we made a great step towards that goal,” Dorrell said.

Jubilee Food Market is located on North 15th Street and Colcord avenue in Waco.


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