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Christmas all over again! Bears at Appalachian Bear Rescue play with discarded Christmas trees

Officials said that while the trees may be fragrant for humans, they have an intense scent for bears since they have stronger noses.
Credit: Appalachian Bear Rescue

Christmas may be over for most families across East Tennessee, but some of the bears at the Appalachian Bear Rescue just got some Christmas gifts.

They were given discarded Christmas trees to play with. The Rainbow Triplets, a group of some of the rescued cubs, enjoyed their tree together. Even though the trees were given to groups of cubs, officials said that Lavender decided she didn't want to share her tree with her brothers.

Officials said that they hope some of the cubs in the rescue will be able to return to the wild.

"If all goes well, the three big little bears will be back in the wild very soon," officials said in a post on Facebook.

The Appalachian Bear Rescue also said that one of their bears returned to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine for a follow-up examination. They said that Clover Bear had improved and that she's been off all medication for several days.