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Man's best friend or inconsiderate taco thief?

This Texas dog was caught on camera stealing his owner's breakfast taco off a dining room table.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — We all know it is hard to resist a good breakfast taco. And dog owners also know you probably shouldn't leave one unattended near your pup. 

One Corpus Christi family found that out the hard way. They thought they left their precious breakfast taco out of reach, but one pup was determined to find it. 

Little AJ was caught on camera jumping up onto a dining room table in search of what was giving off the mouth-watering smell of bacon, eggs and cheese.

Surely encouraged by another pooch in the house, AJ first jumped onto a dining room chair to make sure his sniffer wasn't playing games with him. When he realized he was getting closer to the delicious treat, he fully jumped onto the table and found his prize.

After walking around to make sure there were no other treats left by the humans, he grabbed the taco, foil and all, and jumped down from the table to share his find with his furry friends.

AJ's owners told 3NEWS the taco was left there for a family member and they never imagined it being stolen by the sneaky pup. 

AJ is new to the family of three other dogs. Maybe it was initiation into the pup group? We may never know.  

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