NEW ORLEANS — Social media accounts can be a useful tool, especially for those at Audubon Aquarium. So much so, that one of their birds has turned into a Twitter sensation. 

However, it's more too it than just funny posts.

"I have never met anyone who doesn't love penguins," said Tom Dyer, Senior Aviculturist. "There's something about them, they're funny."

The Aquarium's Penguin Exhibit is full of life.

"They're intelligent," said 11-year-old Isabelle Popp. "I saw them gliding around the water, they're waddling around really."

Among these 20 curious birds is a social media sensation.

"His name is Elmyr, he was really cute," said Popp.

"She's one of our youngest birds and probably one of our sweetest," said Dyer.

Usually seen posing for the crowd or zooming by in the water, Elmyr is a 4-year-old African Penguin with a big following on Twitter.

"I love Elmyr's Twitter account," said Dyer. "Elmyr can do no wrong, she's just a sweetheart."

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The page, Elmyrthepenguin, shares clever pictures and videos almost daily. It's now turned social media into a useful tool that connects people with the Aquarium's animals.

"I think it's important for people to see these animals get the best care and we love them," said Dyer. "That's how you get information, on social media, so that's how you reach out to people and that's how you let them know what we're doing."

People say they love the idea, adding it's a creative way to learn something new and attract folks of any age.

"You can always keep up with what they're doing and see how they are," Popp.

As Elmyr continues to show off online, and in front of visitors, people can't seem to get enough. And they look forward to what she'll do next.

The African Penguin is considered critically endangered. The aquarium has partnered with other institutions as part of a special breeding program to help make sure these birds don't become extinct.