The Humane Society of Central Texas is scrambling to get help from the community as dogs’ lives are on the line.

The shelter is asking the public to adopt or foster to prevent the animals from being put down.

“When you foster a dog, you are saving two lives,” said Mike Gray of the Humane Society of Central Texas. “You are saving the lives of the dog you are fostering, and you are saving the life of the dog going in that kennel."

Space is so limited some dogs had to be placed in the conference room. There are 192 dogs even though the shelter can only house 150. They are also just three cats away from their limit of 48.

The shelter barely had room Monday when ten dogs that were seized from a Marlin home were brought in. Staff is anticipating even more dog seizures out of Marlin.

Staff member Daniela Ranzinger said the situation is quickly becoming dire.

“Once we are out of space, we have nowhere to go, and the public is not able to help us with foster, adoption, or rescue, very difficult decisions have to be made,” Ranzinger said. “Everyone knows what that means.”

The shelter is offering free adoptions for animals that have been spayed or neutered for approved applicants.

“This is a bad situation,” Ranzinger said. “We've been pleading and asking. If you are ready to adopt a dog or a cat, come in today and let us know how we can help you.”

Even if someone isn’t able to adopt an animal, Ranzinger said the shelter will help anyone willing to foster.

“If you foster the shelter will provide you with kennels, crates, food, bedding, and a leash,” Ranzinger said.

The Humane Society of Central Texas also offers $50 adoptions for any dog who is one year or older and $75 adoptions for dogs younger than one year.

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