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Central Texans favorite Christmas traditions

We asked Central Texans how they are enjoying their Christmas and what their favorite traditions are.

WACO, Texas — Dec. 24th is the perfect night for caroling, opening up a gift early, a white elephant exchange, or maybe just watching that favorite Christmas movie. 

There are plenty of fun traditions on the night before Christmas. The Goodnight family lives in Waco and they are happy to be home together. 

“[We] usually make soup, we watch national lampoons family vacation, the best Christmas movie ever made.”

The Hudson and Nolan families grew up in Waco, but have moved away since they are home visiting family. 

“Our Christmas Eve Tradition is going to our family church's Christmas eve, and then after we usually go drive down the wooded crest road and see all the wild lit up houses.”

The Calhoun Family was out playing disc golf in Cameron Park in Waco. 

“We always open one present every night before it actually hits Christmas day, so that would be my favorite, and then out here we’re playing disc golf so we do that every Christmas Eve as well," the family agreed in unison. 

Christmas Day traditions are a whole another set of celebrations. We learned families wake up at much different times, with one saying their gift-giving began at around noon and another at 7 a.m. 

It was the Goodnight Family that had the most unique Christmas Day tradition. 

“Running, we get up every Christmas morning and they love it," they said. "The whole family loves it. We usually do a little 5k or something in the neighborhood, and some of the family likes to run more than others.”

Regardless of your style of celebration, there is much to be grateful for this holiday season. 

How do you celebrate? Let us know on our Instagram.

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