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Common Grounds Coffee Continues Baylor Ties

One Waco coffee shop is steps away from Baylor's campus and makes it that much easier for students to get their daily dose of caffeine.

WACO, Texas — The college school year is just around the corner and one coffee shop in Waco makes getting your caffeine fix that much easier for Baylor students. 

"It's really convenient for people and it’s just a great study environment or place to hang out," Cat Marcalus, a barista at Common Grounds, said. 

In the heart of campus, Common Grounds is home to not only your daily brew but also endless Baylor students. It provides a feeling as if you were sitting in your own living room.

“It was an old house and it's kind of been reformed into our coffee shop. It definitely has a lot of historic aspects," Marcalus said. "It's definitely the most homey I think out of all of the coffee shops here in Waco."

Emma Fuller has been a barista since March. Her time as a Baylor student led her to become more than a customer. 

“Freshman year I remember I immediately wanted to come to campus, and just start studying get my roots down, and find cool places," Fuller said. "Common Grounds was one of the first places that I came to."

Common Grounds is more than just a coffee shop.

“It's very family orientated and a comfortable environment. We have your secret sauce and our special drinks which everyone loves. We also have a drive thru," Fuller said. "I think it’s so convenient being right next to Baylor where people can meet up after class and study. It’s just a really good home base.”

Common Grounds coffee has been operated by Baylor grads ever since it opened in 1994.

“I think it’s awesome how a Baylor grad started this place because that shows how much Baylor instills those hard working values and just makes you feel like you can do whatever you put your mind to," Fuller said. 

With a whole new class of incoming students, new faces will be seen around campus and the coffee shop ... only a few steps away. 

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