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Food trucks celebrate new location on National Food Truck Day

Today is Nation Food Truck Day and there is a new food truck park in Belton.

BELTON, Texas — Today is National Food Truck Day and to celebrate, Central Texans got out and ate. Belton also welcomed a new food truck park.

The Lake Belton Food Truck City sits right off route 439 in Belton. Right now, there is only one food truck, Coney's Bur-gour-met.

Tyra Coney, the co-owner hopes to welcome more food trucks in the months to come.

You can enjoy eating at their truck outside, or sit in their indoor dining area just a few steps away.

Tonight, the family fun business won't be celebrating the national holiday at the park, but at Fort Hoods' fireworks show.

There, they hope to serve the community even more.

Coney says they have a cool spin on their burgers. Every patty is named after a Basket-ball Hall of Famer. The first one ever to make their list was her co-owner and husband.

"We built this food truck from the ground up," Coney said.

And that's why she enjoys every burger they make. She says she feels like everything is unique to how they create it.

If you stop by on National Food Truck Day, Coney says not to forget their two pound challenge burger.

Right here in Temple, people came out to The Yard for the national day.

Food trucks are lining the property and they expect to be out until 10 p.m.

As for the people who chose to celebrate earlier in the day, they had to try and beat the heat. One customer at the yard says she came out for National Food Truck Day specifically.

We remembered, oh yeah food trucks in Temple," the customer said. "The only thing I would ask for would be a little more shade possibly and some AC, that'd be good too."

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