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'We make it out of love' | Mitch's Corner Stop celebrates 33 years in Waco

Since 1991, Mitch's Corner Stop family business has been home to burgers, chicken, turkey legs and the famous fried ribs.

WACO, Texas — Welcome to the home of the fried ribs!

For 33 years Mitch's Corner Stop has been serving up fried food for the entire community.

The kitchen is where all the magic happens.

"While that machine is rotating, I come over here and I shake them up so they wont get stuck together," Le-Sheena Davis, daughter of late owner Mitch Davis, said as she makes fried ribs. 

Since 1991, Mitch's Corner Stop has been serving up burgers, chicken, turkey legs and most of all, fried ribs.

"We make it out of love," La-Sheena Davis said. "We can't do nothing but make it. And that's what has been blessing us for the 33 years we've been here."

It all started with Le-Sheena's dad, Mitch Davis, who taught her everything she knows.

"When I was five, I was standing over the counter saying 'hello, hello' and now to this day I have my nieces and nephews wanting to learn saying 'hello, hello welcome to Mitch's'. So, I look at them and think that's what I was doing then," Le-Sheena Davis said.

In March of 2021, Mitch Davis passed away, but his legacy forever lives on.

"I look at him every day and I just know that he's here and he's watching me," Le-Sheena Davis said. "He put me through stuff. It's a test, but I pass and keep going."

She keeps going and keeps frying.

"That grease does not play!" Le-Sheena Davis said.

New customers and regulars flood through the door every single day, looking for good food and better company.

"They take care of you," Dee Guerra, a local customer for 10 years, said. "They are really nice people and I enjoy coming to a place where they are a really fantastic family."

They are great people, who know how to cook some ribs.

But, what's the secret?

"It's a family thing we've been holding on to," Le-Sheena Davis said. "It's not time to let that go yet."

Well, that's something they'll never tell.

To celebrate 33 years, the stop is holding a big gathering on Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m. for the entire community to enjoy!

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