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10-year-old fights cancer through 2020, will learn to walk again in 2021

Zamiah Adams has danced her way through a difficult diagnosis-- bone cancer. On TikTok, she can be seen showing off her dance moves alongside doctors and nurses.

SAN ANTONIO — Zamiah Adams has danced her way through a difficult diagnosis. On TikTok, she has a few videos showing off her moves alongside her doctors and nurses.

Earlier this year, the 10-year-old was told she had bone cancer. The bad news brought Zamiah and her mom, Tyronae, closer together.

"It made us stronger," Tyronae said.

They turned trips to the hospital into fashion shows. They would wear colorful matching outfits to each visit, finding a way to have fun as they fought through the fear.

"As I gave everything to God, it was like, God's got us," Tyronae said.

Doctors found a large tumor just above Zamiah's knee. Typically, this case would require amputation. The team at Methodist Children's Hospital was able to save her leg with an extendable implant. The implant will grow as Zamiah grows. This surgery was the first of its kind in San Antonio.

In mid-October, Zamiah reached a milestone in her treatment. After her final round of chemotherapy, she strutted down the hall of the hospital. Propped up on crutches, she proudly rang a bell that celebrated her remission. Nurses and doctors lined the walls. They cheered and waved pom-poms for Zamiah.

After that, Tyronae went to great lengths to support her daughter. She had Zamiah shave her head, too.

"I was surprised at first because it was so long," Zamiah said. "I was happy!"

Now Zamiah is looking forward to what comes next. In January, she'll start physical therapy. She'll learn how to walk on her own for the second time around.

"She should be walking by July," Tyronae said.

"I'm excited," Zamiah said.