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'Keep a positive mindset' | Words of encouragement from Downtown Austin

KVUE Photojournalist Andrew Sanchez asked Austinites to share positive thoughts and words of encouragement.

AUSTIN, Texas — Let's face it: With everything that's going on, we could all use some good news.

KVUE Photojournalist Andrew Sanchez went downtown to ask Austinites to share positive thoughts and words of encouragement.

"Look at your neighbor, look at somebody next to you. They might look different than you. They might act different. They might have more money or less money than you. But we're all the same. You know, it's really good to unite people during this time," Marina Jenkins said.

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"You know, this kind of pain that's hit us in different ways, in different avenues, it's really a healing message, right? It's 'take time to heal yourselves.' Think about how you're doing and think about how you can just kind of continue looking outside and helping others too," Kylee Klugman said.

"Not everybody's bad. Not all the homeless people out here are bad, man. You know, I'm a homeless street kid, right? A lot of us out here are really clean, you know. Some of us just want to be talked to. And everybody ignores us. I don't know why people ignore us," John McCollum said.

"Keep a positive mindset. Keep reaching out to your loved ones, keep reaching out to your community," Jaime Chaire said. "There are many ways that people are helping each other. And there's going to be a door that's going to be open for you."

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"Be vigilant. Be careful. Please [keep a] safe distance. And if you see someone being stopped by the police, you stop too. You know, be there for everyone," Jamie Campbell said.

"You know, they say 'Keep Austin Weird.' I don't really know how weird I am, but I definitely am liking this whole 'Keep Austin United' theme," Rana Ghana said.

WATCH: Austinites share positive thoughts, words of encouragement 


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