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Hugs are just what the doctor ordered | Get Uplifted

A New York doctor prescribed a granddaughter's hug to for his newly vaccinated patient.

NEW YORK — It’s time for us to get uplifted, where we look at those stories that make us feel good inside, just like a big hug.

One of the things we’ve been forced to do without during this year of social distancing is physical contact. We’re social, physical creatures. It’s a need, and we’ve been missing it. Handshakes, touching a shoulder, and hugs. Especially hugs. 

Everyone knows a good hug goes a long way. They’re valuable, and a doctor in New York has made it official, writing and signing a prescription for a patient allowing her to receive hugs from her granddaughter after being fully vaccinated. 

And in a video posted to Twitter by her daughter, we see what it meant for her to get that fist hug from her grandbaby in a year.

As vaccination programs roll out across the nation, more grandparents will soon be able to get their hug prescriptions. And so will the rest of us. We need our hugs, too.   

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