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Killeen girl sews masks to help healthcare workers, first responders

Once 8-year-old Kaylee Pineda saw the news about doctors and nurses in need of more masks, she put her skills to work.

KILLEEN, Texas — With coronavirus cases increasing by the hour, critical supplies for first responders, like masks, are decreasing.

However, 8-year-old Kaylee Pineda of Killeen is doing her part to help meet the demand. 

Pineda learned to sew from her mother, Nancy Martinez, who makes a lot of dresses for Pineda. 

Once Pineda saw the news about doctors and nurses in need of more masks, she put her skills to work. Pineda started making masks from scratch five days ago. So far, she's completed 100. 

"Since right now the virus is going on, I wanted people to stay healthy so I make these masks," Pineda said.

The masks are provided, free of charge, to first responders all over the country, mail carriers and community members. In one of her first deliveries, Pineda sent a batch of masks to nurses in need in Alabama.

Pineda also provides tutorials online, so even more people can learn how to sew and help provide this service as well. Pineda's mother said she is proud.

"I'm very proud that she thinks about others and how to help other people right now, which is what we need the most is the community coming together for one another," Martinez said.

Pineda said it's important that everyone does what they can to help end this fight quickly.

"When more people help, more people stay healthy," Pineda said.

The CDC said a professional-grade mask is safest, but that a homemade mask can be used as a last resource during this supply shortage. 

If you'd like to contact Kaylee about her efforts, you can email her at KayleesMasks@yahoo.com.

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