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'I feel empty' | Marlin mom heartbroken after 10-year-old son dies from asthma attack

"My son has had severe asthma since he was 5 and it has always been severe," Donte Trotter's mother said.

MARLIN, Texas — The Marlin community is in mourning after fifth grader Donte Trotter, 10, died from an asthma attack.

It happened when Trotter was at his uncle's house spending time with family. 

Trotter's mother, Latrice Sanders, received a call from a family member saying Trotter was having an asthma attack.

"They were calling to tell me that he couldn't breathe," Sanders said. "I heard him in the background hollering. I asked them to put him on his machine. That's when they stated that his machine wasn't working."

Trotter's nephew said he saw Trotter laying on the ground not breathing with his eyes open. 

"My son has had severe asthma since he was five and it has always been severe," Sanders said.

Trotter was rushed to a Waco hospital and Sanders was trailing behind in her car.

After two hours of operating on, doctors told Sanders her son had died. 

"I feel empty, heartbroken. I'm not even about to sit up here in front like I'm OK because I'm not. I'm not OK. That's my baby, that's my baby and I'm trying to be strong but I can't," Sanders shared.

Trotter was smart, funny, and just recently joined the band and played the snare.

His drum instructor DeAundre James said teaching class today was the toughest thing he's has veer had to do as an educator.

"Even from him watching the band from the football games, he always showed interest in being in the band," James said. "It's very hard for all of us, especially me because I was one of the ones who put those drumsticks in his hand so it's tough to see him go so early."

Now Trotter's family is left heartbroken but is still trying to find a way to push through.

"I can't find the right words to give to her or her sister because I've never been in this position," Sanders cousin Mckayla Bailey shared. "We've been trying to get through it but we'll get there, we're gonna be ok."

Marlin ISD issued out a statement sending condolences to the family and students who are also mourning. 

To support Trotter's family as they prepare for funeral expenses, information can be found here

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