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North Carolina seniors looking for pen pals with similar interests to connect with

Are you looking for a pen pal? Here's your chance to connect with someone you have a common interest with.

NORTH CAROLINA, USA — Those living in assisted living facilities and senior centers have been deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic as they haven't been allowed to have visitors stop by for their own safety.

Besides seeing family through a window or with a video call, the days during lock down orders might get a bit lonely. 

However, a nursing home in North Carolina is hoping to change that - and you can help. Victorian Senior Care is looking for pen pals for residents at different facilities it operates. They put out the call on Facebook with photos of residents holding up signs asking people everywhere to be their pen pals. 

The posters residents held up in pictures include their name and a feature they would like in a pen pal, such as a specific hobby, background, or state of residence. 

Check out Victorian Senior Care's Facebook page for more information on how to become a pen pal.

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