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Special letters help animals find forever families

Second graders at Clifton Park Elementary in Killeen wrote letters to help animals at the Killeen Animal Shelter get adopted.

KILLEEN, Texas — Before they write to Santa, a few students at Clifton Park Elementary in Killeen wrote letters to help a few animals get adopted.

Bianca Hof's second grade class was tasked with writing letters from the perspective of the animal they were assigned from the Killeen Animal Shelter.

"Woof woof, my name is princess, I am a pit-bull mix," one student read out.

Every student made sure to draw a picture of their animal with their ideal family.

When they were done, the students handed their projects to their teacher for them to be sent off to the shelter.

There, the staff pinned each letter to the assigned cages. Now the letters serve to help get the animals adopted.

"The shelters are full, and our capacity is at epic levels," Johnny Dees, with the Killeen Animal Shelter, said.

The goal of this project is to get the pups and felines at the Killeen Animal Shelter adopted. Dees is hopeful the perspective of a child will inspire someone to take home a fluffy or furry friend.

Credit: Meredith Haas
This is one of the stories that will help get an animal adopted.

This project also served as multiple lessons for the students involved.

"It's helped me in being a better teacher in knowing where they need more help," Hof said.

Hof added that the students are also learning persuasive writing much earlier than they should, so this project will help them in their education in the long run.

The biggest lesson learned overall, is that these animals need a place to call home.

"Some dogs are cozy while some dogs are wandering the street and that's not fair," one student said.

Credit: Meredith Haas
The finished stories are at Killeen animal Services

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