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Salado resident stays positive even after losing her home

Says outpouring of support has been overwhelming, but keeps her looking on the bright side

SALADO, Texas — On Friday, the Civic Center in Salado hosted a number of volunteer and non-profit groups providing resources for anyone who accrued losses from the tornado over a week ago.

It's called the MARC, a Multi Agency Resource Center, and the groups involved are providing food, clothes, debris removal assistance, gift cards, anything residents may have needed to get back on their feet.

One of the people taking advantage of these opportunities is Stacy Dunson, who lost her mobile home due to the tornado. 

She was born with muscular dystrophy, is currently battling cancer and her husband Dathan has a myriad of health issues as well. Together, they won't let this tornado bring them down.

"It's been a rough year," Stacy Dunson told me, as she rattled off a list of medical procedures her and her husband have overgone recently. "But I won't let this keep us down, the support from everyone has been overwhelming."

Since the tornado touched down, there have been an abundance of resources made available to anyone who's dealt with loss whether it be a few things or everything."

"It's emotional, going through everything that's left," Dunson said. "Even though none of the structures are there."

All that remains where their home once stood, is debris, rubble and her damaged car. None of it looks recognizable, but Stacy says she has so many reasons to stay positive.

One of them, her rock, her mother.

Joan Axtell was sitting in the MARC as her daughter looked over options with her husband with various non-profit groups trying to help them out. She says she's been amazed and inspired by her daughter's resilience, and let out a big laugh when she remembers her daughter's first words when she finally saw the damage and destruction for herself. 

"My daughter's faith is just as high as it ever was," Axtell told me, holding a tiny dog in her arms. "She told me, 'well, God just wanted me to move I guess.'"

And that's how Stacy has always been. Since birth she has had to overcome obstacles and this is no different. Even while faced with total loss, Stacy Dunson continues to look on the bright side.

"You know, God, I'm hoping and praying you know, God will provide he will see us through."

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