ASHEBORO, N.C. – During a regular patrol near Archdale, sergeant Wayne Faircloth came across an activity bus broken down on the side of the highway.

The students and their teacher were on their way to a Special Olympics event at a local YMCA.

For the safety of the children, we will not identify which school they attend.

The deputy approached the bus driver and the class group to make sure they were all okay.

The bus driver had already reached out to the transportation center to send another bus so the kids could go on to their event.

As they were waiting, the students said they were cold so Faircloth handed them some blankets he keeps in his vehicle.

“The little kids were just all excited about their blankets,” Faircloth said.

Faircloth thought the kids could use another pick-me-up after the incident.

“I went back to my car and got some stuffed animals out, you know, gave them that, and they were just overwhelmed,” Faircloth said emotionally.

According to Faircloth, the teacher noted that the students were part of the Exceptional Children’s program at a Randolph County school.“It’s amazing to see the warmth or, you know, how the kids act,” Faircloth said.

And even more, what they did to thank him for his help.

Later that week, Faircloth received an envelope when he walked into work. It was addressed to Sergeant Wayne Faircloth and signed by the students.

The students, teacher and bus driver made thank you cards for the deputy for comforting them with a blankets and stuffed animals to hold in that moment of confusion.

“To see kids react, a lot of times you don’t know how to take it,” Faircloth said. “So for them to do this means a lot to me.”

The deputy plans to save the letters in a keepsake box where he stores other special notes and cards he gets from civilians.

“If I’ve made a difference in one of their lives, I’ve done my job,” the deputy added.