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Too cute! Watch this Central Texas 4-year-old break out the dance moves at charity event

Jocelyn "Jocey" Holt stole the show with her best dance moves.

WACO, Texas — Over the weekend, a cute Central Texas 4-year-old stole the show with her dance moves at a charity event in Waco.

Jocelyn "Jocey" Holt, along with other little dancers from Turning Pointe Dance Studio, brought in the holiday spirit with a dance number at the Deck The Halls event over the weekend.

As seen in the video, Jocey was dancing along with her crew, but then she busted out her own moves. 

"She went rogue," said Jeremy Holt, Jocey's dad, in a phone call with 6 News. 

Jocey's parents told 6 News the dance moves took everyone by complete surprise... but in a good way.

They said Jocey was suppose to follow along with her dance teacher who was off to the side, which can't be seen in the video, but instead decided to do her thing!

Jocey's parents said they were worried she was going to come off the stage and after the show had audience members tell them that they were prepare to catch her. 

The little dancer has been dancing for one year and her parents said she loves it and is always coming up with routines of her own.