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Travel tips for Central Texas families

Hours of traffic can bring a lot of frustration during the holidays. Hear how an expert and local mom say you can keep your kids occupied and safe while in the car.

TEMPLE, Texas — Getting stuck in holiday traffic brings a lot of frustration, especially when you have kids.

Getting your kids to be engaged in the car can be fun and it doesn't have to involve handing them an electronic right away.

Kendra Gee, a Physical Therapist and Passenger Safety Technician with Compleo in Waco, said there are easy and safe ways to keep your kids engaged in hours and hours of traffic.

"You can explore their imagination with 'magnet tiles,' or with looking out the window," Gee said. "All the things that can stimulate their mind more than an I-Pad would."

Gee also mentioned that an I-Pad can serve as a projectile in the case of an accident or an emergency while driving.

So can toys that are hard, so that's why Gee recommends getting your kids soft toys to play with.

"Squigz can stick to windows to mirrors or a picture frame which would be less of a projectile," Gee said.

Safety while driving is important. Looking out for those projectiles can be key, but so can paying attention to your kids' car seat.

Gee recommends making sure to get your kids out of the car seat every two to three hours on a long road trip.

The harness can press on their chest, so after awhile they need that time to let loose, move their bodies and have the ability to open their chests.

As the weather gets colder, kids are going to be wearing jackets, but it's important to remember that you shouldn't put them in a car seat with a jacket on. This leaves too much room between child and harness, which can be dangerous.

Though parents might not think this is harmful, eating while driving can be dangerous for kids. Food can quickly become a choking hazard.

Ge recommends pulling over to the side of the road to eat, even if you have to feed your baby their bottle, that can be done when pulled over too.

Gee added that if your kids do have to eat, giving them soft foods while driving is best.

For more information on staying safe and keeping your kids occupied while driving, click here.

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