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When are the best times to take your Christmas tree down before it gets 'weird'?

According to a survey by Treetopia, an online Christmas tree store, the average American keeps their tree up for almost three weeks. What are the most popular dates?
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Family decorating a Christmas tree. Young man with his daughter on his shoulders helping her decorate the Christmas tree.

USA, North America — It's two days after Christmas and your Christmas tree is still shining bright but...

When is the perfect time to take down your tree? 

Well according to the internet, you have three opportunities to do so before it just gets plain "weird". (Weird like a Christmas tree in August weird.) 

According to TreeTopia, an online Christmas tree store, a survey says the average American takes their Christmas tree down almost three weeks after Christmas Day.

The most popular days for Americans, to take down their trees, according to SheKnows.com writer Mari Dunlap, are Jan. 5, Jan. 6 for others even Dec. 31 before the New Year.

For my family, we take our tree down on Dec. 31. As I was always told, it was bad luck to take it down after the new year.  Dunlap says many Americans share the same belief in the popular superstition. 

Now, when it comes to Jan. 5, the date deals with a popular Christmas classic.

Are you familiar with the song The Twelve Days of Christmas? Well, according to Dunlap, Jan. 5th marks the 12th Day of Christmas and for some people, they use this day as a closure for the Christmas season.

When it comes to the Christian belief, Jan. 6 is reserved as the day the three kings arrived in Bethlehem to recognize Jesus as the messiah. For traditional Christians, this ends the Christmas holiday.

Now, these are just suggestions, do whatever is convenient for you and your family. Whenever you choose to take down your tree, use that time to reflect on the holidays and the year itself.

So tell us, when do you take down your Christmas tree?

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