According to a Facebook post from the Green Bay Police Department, one officer went out of his way to make sure a child's birthday had a happy ending.

The Facebook post tells the story of Officer Darryl Robinson's good deed on Monday. A child was not picked up by anyone after school and police were called. GBPD says that when he learned that it was the child's birthday, he used coupons given to the force by a local McDonald's to give the child a birthday meal and also took the child on a special ride for their birthday as well.

Police say that family was eventually located and the child was dropped off.

The post has over 1,000 shares so far as people are praising the officer's efforts to turn a bad birthday into a good one for that child.

Here's the original post:

It reads:

Yesterday Officer Robinson responded to a local elementary school for a child that was not picked up at the end of the school day. The parent is incarcerated and there were no other known family contacts. It was also the child's birthday.

Thanks to the owners of our local McDonald's, we were given free cheeseburger coupons to hand out in certain situations. Officer Robinson took the child for a meal at McDonald's and a ride around in the police car for his birthday. Family was eventually located and the child was dropped off.

Thank you to community partners, like McDonald's, that allow us to help out others in small ways during our interactions throughout the shifts. Thank you to Officer Robinson for taking some extra time to celebrate the child's birthday; we are proud to have him as part of the GBPD team!