SAN ANTONIO — Essential businesses remain open after the county's Stay Home, Work Safe order took effect earlier this week, which means there are employees still required to work in public places.

Edward Dewees operates Ranger Firearms and says his top priority is keeping his people safe. For him that starts from the very first moment a customer steps foot into his business.

“When you walk in my front door, you’re required to turn left and go to the bathroom and do a 20-second hot wash on your hands,” Dewees said.

He said he’s also constantly cleaning outside door handles and windows, and only allowing 10 customers in the store at one time.

“It’s kind of like walking through TSA. I’m excited to take everything out of my pockets. I want that plane to be safe, I want our place of business to be safe,” Dewees said.

He added this transition hasn’t been the easiest, and the business has had to rely on relatives and customers to stay stocked up on hand sanitizer. That is, when he isn't making sanitizer himself. 

H-E-B has also taken some social distancing measures. Staff there have placed footsteps on the floor to show customers where they can safely stand while waiting to check out their groceries. Some locations are requiring that customers sanitize their hands if they use a shopping cart. 

Businesses are just trying to do their part to keep people as safe as possible.

“We’re committed to San Antonio and making things right,” Dewees said.

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