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Killeen musician donates $1500 in tips to KPD Homeless Outreach Team

Jarin Cole uses his musical talents to help raise money for different worthy causes, and this time, he donated his earnings to those in need in Killeen.
Credit: Killeen Police Department
Musician Jarin Cole donates $1500 to the Killeen Police Department's Homeless Outreach Team.

KILLEEN, Texas — A local musician in Killeen is using his talents to help the community, but his music is raising far more than just the pitch.

Jarin Cole, also known as JC Stringz, has put his musical talents towards raising money for several worthy causes in the Central Texas area. His latest philanthropic performance? Helping the unhoused community in Killeen.

A recent Facebook post by the Killeen Police Department thanked Cole for making a generous donation to the department's Homeless Outreach Team, the money for which he raised through tips he earned playing music.

According to Killeen PD, Cole played at Mon'Amie's Caribbean Flava Ice over the Christmas break, earning a total of $1500 in tips which he then donated to the department.

According to a post by Cole, the money is intended to go towards purchasing and providing sleeping bags for members of the unhoused community.

Cole reportedly attends Berkely College of Music in Boston, MA and has used his music to raise money for several different charities. 

KPD shared a post thanking Cole for his generosity and support of the community, and Cole in return thanked them for helping him to "bless others" with his gift, as well as Mon'Amie's for providing him a venue to do so.

Now that's how you start the year on a high note.

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