A very fat cat has a new home thanks to an outpouring of support and some viral photos on Facebook.

Kiah Berkeley waited hours Friday morning to be the first in line to adopt a 35-pound orange tabby named Symba.

“They said you know he’s still here, which surprised me, because I wanted to snatch him up and I brought my friend Jessa here at 9 a.m.”

Berkeley wasn’t alone in falling for Symba and his unprecedented size. Ceci Ochoa with the Humane Rescue Alliance said their phone lines and email were flooded with offers to adopt Symba—the largest cat she’d personally ever seen come through their doors.

“It was amazing to see all these people step forward and willing to give him the best attention and most appropriate home to better himself,” said Ochoa.

Symba left with his new family Friday afternoon, after filling out paperwork and getting advice about how to help Symba with his new diet regimen.

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“The vet is going to tell us the best food for him,” said Berkeley. “As for exercise, we were going to put his bowl at the other side of the room so he’s gotta work to get it.”

Berkeley and her husband Peter Sorkin worked together to get Symba into a crate to take home.

Berkeley said she’s always been captivated by overweight animals.

“My husband asked me just this morning, 'why do you want an obese cat?' I can’t explain it. I just love him, he’s adorable.”

Symba's previous owners had to give him up when they moved into a nursing home.