The massive flooding in Texas resulting from Tropical Storm Harvey has had as much of an impact on animals as people.

Hundreds of pets either got lost during the storm or were turned in by owners who are unable to care for them due to their own losses in Harvey's aftermath. There's also an untold number of strays.

As of Monday evening, the Houston SPCA has 600 animals and only five people able to tend to them.

To help them out, the Dumb Friends League here in Denver is getting involved, coordinating with more than a dozen organizations around the country.

The priority is to get first people to Texas to assist and then find a way to house new animals coming in.

"The staff that work there, they're dealing with their own disaster personally and then you look at the shelter and you know, it's not over. It's in the middle of it. They're still waiting for the rain to quit and for waters to recede enough for response to get to them to help. And knowing that once that response gets there, their workload is going to quadruple," said Duane Adams, the Vice President of Operations at the Dumb Friends League.

A crew from San Diego arrived in Texas today. One from the Pike's Peak region is expected to leave next week.