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How to beat the pandemic blues | Your Best Life

6 News Anchor Leslie Draffin chatted with Lisa Tener, author and creativity catalyst, about ways to beat the pandemic blues

TEMPLE, Texas — In this week's Your Best Life, 6 News Anchor Leslie Draffin talked with Lisa Tener, author and creativity catalyst, about ways to beat the pandemic blues.

2020 was a tough year and now that it's winter, many people are feeling even more down. 

"For some people it's finances. For some, it's not being able to see their loved ones and friends and the way that they were in normal times. For some, it's health concerns," Tener said.

Tener, an author, book coach and self-proclaimed creativity catalyst, said the last twelve months have taught us one important thing, resilience. But there are simple, easy and free things you can do to boost your mood right now. In fact, Tener had eight fun ideas for you and your family. 

"My first tip is kind of a fun one. It's really simple, everyone can do it and that's humming. You can hum a single note. Or you can make up a little tune with your hum. Research shows it boosts your mood, relaxes you and it can even help you sleep better," she said.

Next up, journaling. Tener said, "Journaling is shown by research to release stress. It can also boost your mood, it can even help with depression."

She also said smell can play a role in mood-boosting.

"I know that's kind of an unusual one but smell something whether it's a beautiful flower or essential oil smell can actually uplift your mood and some of the citrusy scents are especially good," Tener explained.

Four, move around. Tener loves chi gong and regularly practices bouncing away her blues. 

"It's just like bouncing up and down and Taoist monks have done this for thousands of years because it relaxes every muscle in your body and of course, as your body relaxes, your whole system relaxes, your nervous system relaxes and that boosts your mood," she said.

We talked about this next one during a Your Best Life segment in 2020, deep belly breathing. Tener said put your hands on your stomach and focus your breath.

"Maybe three fingers below your navel, and focus on that area where your hands are breathing in, and as you exhale just release," said Tener. "Let your shoulders drop, feel it all letting go. You can even imagine going out through the bottoms of your feet into the earth just let it go."

Tener suggested taking it up a notch and belly breathing in nature. 

"I love walking in nature, too. When we connect with nature we just normally relax and also feel uplifted," Tener said.

Tener's last two mood-boosting tips are practicing gratitude and connecting with people you know and love. So, go set up a Zoom date or a FaceTime call and chat away to boost your mood. You can see more of Tener’s tips on her website.

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