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Relationship coaches talk finding pleasure, happiness in the small things | Your Best Life

September is National Self Care month and now, more than ever, it’s important to take care of your mental and physical health.

TEMPLE, Texas — In the midst of a global pandemic, finding the good in life and finding happiness might seem hard. Relationship Coaches Johann Urb and Rachel Pringle Urb said it can be as easy as slowing down, feeling grateful and savoring moments of bliss. 

The husband and wife team start their mornings by doing something they call ‘priming the day.’ It’s an intention setting practice with a simple formula.

Johann explained it like this, "One way to look at it is like you're speaking out a prayer or you're speaking out on intention. It begins with, 'Today is ...' and it ends with, 'Today is the best day ever.' And in the middle, you're just saying what it is versus what you wish it was. So tell me what today is Rachel? “

Rachel replied, “Today is the most nourishing, supportive, delicious, yummy day where we feel so seen and received connected and joyful and in celebration.”

Johann added, “And not only that. Today is also the day that we are discovering new things together. Today's a day we're so excited about life and making so much money fast, inspiring billions of people and so fun everyone's loving it. We're traveling inwards and we're traveling outwards and we're experiencing new things and today is hands down the best day ever."

The pair also practices daily gratitude. 

"One of my favorite superpowers is gratitude. Yeah, and it's a superpower for everyone. And if we just shift our focus into gratitude for what we already have. Right. It's amazing what that does, instead of what we don't have what we can't do where we can't go. It literally changes how you view your, your world," Johann said.

The Urbs said finding pleasure and joy in life comes from living with intention even while you're doing your normal routine. Rachel said it’s about, "Engaging. Bringing all your awareness into an action that you're experiencing whether it's doing breathwork, doing meditation, doing a short workout together, you know, taking a shower and not like you're doing it in a rush. There's nowhere to rush to. So can we really slow down everything to take in the fullness of the moment."

They said it's a really great practice for families to do together, just don't push it. 

"The key is to make things fun. Yeah, and not necessarily make them serious or long," Johann said.

Another tip from Rachel is to dance! She said it's something you can do for free to quickly boost your mood. So pump up the jams, pull our your weirdest dance moves and start a party in the living room!

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