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Your Best Life | Central Texas mom uses CBD & bees to create luxury skincare company

CBD can relieve pain, stress, and inflammation. But one Central Texas mom is using it to create her own luxury skincare line while also saving pollinators worldwide.

WIMBERLEY, Texas — When Emma Spivey moved from California to Wimberly, Texas, she brought her love of plants with her. 

The wife and mother is an herbalist and beekeeper, and she's passionate about CBD and bees. 

"There's this special connection between bees and the hemp plant. Actually they found that it helps provide nourishment for bees at times the year when other plants are blooming," Spivey says.

When she started her own business last year, she knew she wanted to include both those passions. 

Her business, Her Royal Hempress, is a luxury CBD skincare brand. Part of its profits will go to helping pollinators around the world. 

Spivey's products combine cutting-edge anti-aging ingredients with full-spectrum CBD. She says CBD has powerful antioxidant properties and is great at fighting free radicals and inflammation.

"It is a mainstream ingredient,” Spivey explained. “THC has a lot of stigma around it, but CBD is something that I think everybody can enjoy."

Her line has three skincare products plus a body oil and muscle rub with 500 mg of CBD. According to Spivey, “it's great for you know, back pain or if you just want to sit and watch Netflix and put it on your, you know, your lower back and relax. I put it on my feet a lot."

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Spivey's products are produced and manufactured in Tennessee at an FDA-registered lab. But she does grow her own hemp plants here, now that it's legal in Texas. 

"Hemp is cannabis. Cannabis is hemp. It's all really the same plant but there's different varieties. Some have more THC in it and you test for that, and then some have more CBD or CBG like the strain that I have has a really high amount of CBG in it."

Spivey uses her hemp plants for her family and to help the bees on her property. 

“It just seems like it’s made such a difference, with the plants blooming, it's remarkable. And unfortunately, the numbers of pollinators are decreasing rapidly because of pesticides," she said.

So far, her brand has been getting a lot of buzz.  

The brand has been featured in huge publications like Forbes and Rolling Stone. While she's excited about the future of Her Royal Hempress, she's also excited about the future of hemp here in Texas.

"I love the fact that you know you can use a plant to heal yourself instead of relying on you know pain pills. It's yet to be seen, you know the full potential of what hemp is going to be here in Texas and I'm excited for that. "