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Going 'flexitarian' for better health | Your Best Life

Flexitarianism is a diet trend full of fruits and vegetables and low on meat. But could eating this way help you get healthier and save money?

TEMPLE, Texas — "Flexitarian" really is just the combination of the two words "flexible" and "vegetarianism." And to me, it translates to being kind of "vegetarian-ish."

Flexitarian. It's a diet that emphasizes adding more fruits, veggies, whole grains and plant-based protein. But like health coach Susan Cornette said, it's extremely flexible.

"This new kind of lifestyle or a way of thinking about eating allows you to take away that rigidity of a plan, a food plan or a diet. It takes away that 'You cannot ever eat' this aspect of dieting, which I've never liked to begin with and it allows you to kind of indulge in the things that you love, once in a while."

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According to U.S News and World Report, flexitarianism tied as the number two most popular diet for 2021. It's grown fast, especially among Millennials and younger Gen Z members who like the idea of adding foods into your diet -- not taking any away. 

Cornette said you might lose a little weight and you'll likely save money, too.

"One of the pros of doing the flexitarian diet is that you're going to be buying less meat. It's maybe not a whole lot less but you're going to be buying less meat than you used to. So you're going to save money."

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So if you're interested in trying it, Cornette suggests an easy way to start.

"Well I love tricks, like I love little trendy things like Meatless Monday to me that would be the most fun way to kind of get started and then it also doesn't sound very overwhelming. It really doesn't have to be that hard and then don't think about it again until the next Monday."

Cornette shared a simple, quick and tasty Mediterranean stew that's perfect for anyone wanting to become flexitarian. It cost less than $20 to make and feeds six people. You can find the recipe here.