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Your Best Life | Infrared sauna workouts helping Central Texans get fit

A new gym in Waco is heating up the fitness world, literally. In this week's Your Best Life, we try Hotworx Waco.

WACO, Texas — It's officially summer in Texas. While many people try to escape the heat when it's time to workout, clients at Hotworx Waco are using it to improve their health.

"Hotworx is a 24/7 infrared fitness studio, we offer 30 minute isometric workouts and 15 minute HIIT," Owner Victoria Najera said. 

These semi-private, virtually-led infrared sauna classes can help you lose weight, recover faster, reduce pain, lower blood pressure and detox. 

"It can reduce the stress so that you can actually have a better sleep at night," she said.

That's exactly what General Manager Erica Santos has seen since she began adding these workouts into her routine. 

"I try to do this about two to three times a week on top of my strength training, and other hit or other cardio workouts," Santos explained. 

She said it's great for people looking for a primary gym or for those seeking cross-training options.

"We have a variety of 10 different workouts here. Eight of them being our isometric workout, so those again are your holding stretching movements so stuff like hot yoga, hot Pilates, hot core. So those are about 30-35 minutes long, super-efficient. You're burning just as much calories or even more than a regular workout, and then our HIIT, HIIT workouts are high intensity interval training."

So how does it work? Santos said small groups of up to three people reserve a class spot from the schedule posted online. Saunas heat up to 130 degrees and that's why these short workouts are so effective.

"Absorbing that infrared heat allows your core to start core temperature to start rising, which helps you detoxify and torch calories," she said.

I tried a few of the workouts and was sweating within seconds. Overall, I loved the options available and the ability to workout in a COVID-safe way. That's something Najera said they've really tried to adapt so people can feel at ease.

"Definitely around this time with COVID a lot of people are hesitant about going to the gym, so we keep a semi-private workout that you can work in small groups, and then actually feel comfortable working out," said Najera.

It's important to note, you should talk to your doctor before you start any new fitness routine. If you’d like to try a free class at Hotworx Waco, visit their website.

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