KILLEEN, Texas — Life Moves Yoga in Killeen is helping military members, veterans and their families live healthier by offering free yoga classes on Wednesday nights.

In this week's "Your Best Life," evening anchor Leslie Draffin met yoga instructor Amanda Brown, who's an Army brat on a mission to help the military community decrease stress.

Brown has a unique connection to the military community: Gen. Paul Funk II, the current commanding general at Fort Hood, is her father.

Gen. Funk at 2018 Holiday Reception
LTG Paul E. Funk and Dr. Funk greet guests at the 2018 Holiday Reception at Club Hood, Fort Hood, Texas.
Funk family

Brown said Life Moves Yoga's proximity to Fort Hood makes it easy for the military community to take advantage of the deal.

"We’re right outside of the base here so we wanted to make yoga as accessible as possible, so it’s our latest class in the schedule," she said. "We know that evening classes, you never know what time you get off work, and it’s completely free so it’s accessible for anybody who want to try out yoga."

Brown said it's great for anyone, but especially those in stressful jobs, like soldiers in the Army.

Amanda Brown doing yoga with Gen. Paul Funk II, her dad
Leslie Draffin - KCEN

"There’s so much research now coming out about how powerful of a tool this practice can be for servicemembers, first responders and their families because everybody takes the brunt of the work in these military communities," she said. "The breath is the powerful tool that really helps unlock this practice, and the movement taking care of your body, learning to self-regulate to breathe deeply into stress at the end of a really stressful day."

Brown knows first-hand how beneficial yoga can be for military children. 

Gen. Funk with family, Amanda Brown up front
Amanda Brown

"The military child is resilient. Your breath is something you can pack up and take with you anywhere in the world," she said. "It's an important tool to have as you go through this journey. Showing up at a new school, showing up in a new town. Life is constantly changing. It is the only constant in life is change, and this practice equips you to be able to take what life hands you and make it great."

Gen. Funk and his daughter Amanda Brown having fun
Amanda Brown

The free yoga classes are offered Wednesday nights for military members, veterans, spouses and kids over age 12.

You can find out more at Live Moves Yoga’s website.

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