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Light Therapy for Great Skin | Your Best Life

We all want great skin and now there’s a new procedure helping people look and feel great, fast.

In this week's Your Best Life, 6 News Evening Anchor Leslie Draffin takes a look at a new skincare trend, LED Phototherapy treatments.

At Hand and Stone in Waco, LED phototherapy facials are a relatively new but a popular pick.

“So, LED stands for light emitting diodes. And so each light does something different and has different wavelengths" Lead Esthetician Lindsey Westmoreland said.

She does facials on women, teens and even men who all want great skin without any invasive treatments. Westmoreland said these LED lights can target almost any skincare concern.

"So we have three different lights. We have the red light, which is the rejuvenated one that stimulates college and growth. And then we have the blue one, which is for acne prone skin. That helps kind of with inflammation and like bacteria and stuff. So if you are acne prone, that's really good to do. And then we have the green brightening one. So if you have discoloration, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, things like that, that helps brighten up,” Westmoreland said.

She said these LEDS are strong, but gentle. Also, there aren't any complications from them because "we don't touch the skin so it's super, like, non-invasive."

First, she cleans the skin and puts on a serum. Then she applies a mask, depending on what skin concern people have, and uses the LED light for 20 seconds in each spot. You can see results in about five treatments.

Westmoreland said this type of treatment is fairly new, but she knows it's catching on quickly. "They're really skeptical because it's still a new thing, like not a lot of people know about it. But once you like explain all the benefits, people are get really interested about it because it's new, and nobody's heard of it" Westmoreland said.

You can find out how to book your own LED phototherapy facial at Hand and Stone Waco’s website.

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