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Your Best Life: Self-massage tools for better health

It only takes two to five minutes a week and it can help improve your immunity, health and skin.

TEMPLE, Texas — What if you could improve your immune system, boost your health and get glowing skin all through self-massage?

Certified lymphedema therapist, Lisa Levitt Gainsley, says you can in just a few minutes a week, thanks to your lymph system.

"Your lymph system runs like rivers through your body, similar to your bloodstream and it reaches everything from your respiratory system to your brain system, digestive health, reproductive health," Gainsley said. "So, when you are improving lymph flow, you can really optimize the function of every other system."

Levitt Gainsley devoted her life to the study of the lymph system. She said, “your lymph vessels rest superficially under the skin, they absorb the excess waste bacteria and toxins. Lots of acne bacteria that rest there. Then they move them out to the deeper network of the lymph, to go back to the bloodstream."

In her new book, The Book of Lymph: Self-care practices to enhance Immunity, Health and Beauty, Levitt Gainsley shows you how to use simple self-massage techniques to improve your life. 

"I teach people how to do lymphatic self-massage in the face that will help clear any of that toxins that accumulates and also deep breathing will help stimulate lymph flow, bring you into that calmer rest and digest state where your body really can recover instead of being always so filled with tension and worry," she said.

According to Levitt Gainsley, her clients report glowing skin, improved immunity, better digestion, lessened PMS symptoms, better sleep and reduced eye puffiness. 

And the best news: Results can be seen immediately and it only takes two to five minutes a few times a week. She says she wanted to write the book to make this information accessible to more people.

"Most people don't learn about it in school, so I love that it's an easy introduction, and an affordable way that people can start to feel better on their own, by themselves without expensive treatments," she said.

Right now, for instance, many people are experiencing eye-strain due to working on computers. Levitt Gainsley says lymphatic massage can easily relieve that stress. 

You can follow along with these self-massage techniques the video below on our YouTube page

Overall, Levitt Gainsley says her larger mission is to help everyone live a healthier life. 

"I want everyone to live their best life," she said. I mean, this is what life is about is enjoying health and enjoying your vibrancy and when you feel better, you're going to radiate well being around everybody and it will improve your life and everybody else's life so I have a lot of work and I'm, I just want people who can't afford treatments to receive the same information."

You can find out more about Levitt Gainsley’s work on her website and order her new book, here.

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