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Your Best Life | Trying out the new X4 class at Junction Fitness

There's a new fitness option for anyone looking to get in shape this summer. This week Leslie Draffin checks out Temple's Junction Fitness and their newest class.

TEMPLE, Texas — Junction Fitness is a relatively new gym off Avenue M in Temple. They opened with CrossFit about a year and a half ago. Then this spring they added X4, a high intensity interval training or HIIT class.

"So, we wanted to bring X4 to the Temple community because we felt like there was a gap, you know, we felt like there were a lot of people that we were missing and quite honestly, our mission is to try and help as many people as possible," owner and trainer Aaron Castilleja said.

Castilleja said X4 is different from typical HIIT classes because it includes strength training stations and not just cardio intervals. 

"X4 is going to be different than your traditional HIIT class because we are very form-based and really want to be coached-base. We're trying to blend the concepts of CrossFit in terms of coaching and bringing that into a hit class,” he said.

When I visited the class, I saw participants doing a range of exercises from running, rowing, biking, and even a machine that mimics skiing. 

"We kind of want you to feel like whenever you come here, you can be a complete beginner and you can start both places, but X4 is a great spot for anyone who's never done fitness before," Castilleja said.

Castilleja kept time during the hour-long class. He guided everyone through each station and always offered encouragement and a little push when necessary.

"Really, I just want everyone to understand that Junction Fitness is somewhere, where everyone can join, you know, we're all about good vibes and work hard, you know, we really incorporate good vibes, great music, we keep the energy up and we also want you to understand that you will constantly learn in here," he said. "We're always going to help you get better, we're always going to help you progress, you know, inside and outside of the gym we're really coaches for life and you know we really take pride in that."

Junction Fitness offers a variety of membership choices and you can even try your first class for free