WACO, Texas - Have you ever wanted an extra person at home to do the cooking or fix the fence?

A Waco business is giving you the chance to rent a spouse.

The business known as Sometimes Spouse caused a little stir at first with people confusing it for an escort service.

Customer Judy Quick said she has already recommended the business to other people.

“I feel proud to recommend them,” Quick said.

Quick hired a spouse to do some crown molding in her home.

“They did a fabulous job, the guys were friendly, they kept the work site clean, we were thrilled,” she said.

Sometimes Spouse is a service that started right in Waco and has expanded to 46 franchises in Texas, New Mexico and Missouri.

The idea started after a request from a friend.

“Crystal was like, hey Max thanks for fixing this on my car, she was single at the time,” CEO Christy Ogle said. “I was like why don’t I rent them out to ya and we were like Oh that’s a good idea.

From dry wall, to fencing, deep cleaning and even maid services – as hard as they work, there still seems to be some confusion around town.

Owners say this is not an escort service.

“One time Max and another handyman was moving a woman and she was like do you want to say over for a movie,” Ogle said. “You’d hear, and there would be this is a collect call form such and such at the McLennan County Jail.”

Ogle said that is not what they are selling and they do not need work that bad.

Despite the mix-ups, Sometimes Spouse said the goal is to provide family-friendly employment.

Branch Manager Brandon Blasingame is a former Waco police officer and he said he left his job as a cop to work at Sometimes Spouse after a calling from the man above.

“I think it is something that is different,” Blasingame said. “It’s cutting edge. It’s something I never thought I would be doing, but it’s exactly what God wants me to be doing.”